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    Informed Consent

    This form covers areas related to the services offered by JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd, including payment, cancelation, confidentiality, security, social media, and other issues with regards to the professional conduct. Acceptance of this document is a requirement before beginning any form of therapy with JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd.

    Cancellations / Missed Sessions

    A minimum of 48 hours is necessary for cancellation either by email or telephone. If notice is given within the 48 hours of the allocated time, or you miss the session, 100% of the fee will be retained. Exceptions to this are if technical issues are experienced for online sessions. Sessions are begun and finished on time, 15 minutes grace will be given for either online or face-to-face appointments.


    Payments are made at the time of booking and can be paid on an adhoc basis, or as a package. Insurance payments are not accepted at this time.

    Confidentiality and Security

    JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. We respect your confidentiality and only release information about you in accordance to United Kingdom laws, or according to State and Federal Laws if based in the United States of America. Further JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd and all employees have a legal, moral obligation and responsibility to clients and staff to protect against the unauthorised release of confidential information including: client records, employee records, clinical data, and/or organisational information regarding physical conditions, financial status, or personal data to unauthorised persons or organisations. During Supervision aspects of our work may be discussed, but your identity will be kept confidential at all times. Supervision is a requirement of all governing bodies and ensures that those at JK & Associates Therapy Services are practicing to the best of their abilities and within their personal and individual capabilities.

    Data Protection

    On completion of your therapy your records will be kept for a maximum of two months on the computer and then removed. Exchanges between yourself and your therapist and records pertaining to these exchanges are the property of the therapist. It is illegal for direct information or parts of the record to be posted or circulated on forums, social media sites or to third parties. Your information is protected as best as it can be, it would be appreciated if the same was done in return.

    Dual Relationships

    This is a therapeutic exchange, not a friendship. That being the case any requests to engage socially on networking sites, professional or otherwise will not be excepted. This is to protect and maintain the work that is done, along with creating ethical and appropriate boundaries.

    Technical issues for the Online Counselling aspect

    If technical experiences are experienced, either party will immediately contact each other through text messaging. If connection is still not possible after an agreed amount of time the session will be re-scheduled at no cost to yourself.

    Please be advised that should the therapists and/or therapist interns of JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd or BEAT-UK Ltd be requested to write a letter on any court related matter, that they will not be stipulating in writing or in person as to an opinion. Therapists and/or interns may only provide observations and feedback. At no time will any therapists or therapist interns of JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd or BEAT-UK Ltd make a recommendation in regards to custody or any other court related matter.

    Court Policies

    If a court order is served and is requesting that a therapist or therapist intern of JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd, LEAP Equine or BEAT-UK Ltd be present in person and or there is a request for records, the client’s consent will be requested before turning over confidential information. When obtaining this consent, the client will be told exactly what has been requested by court and there is no guarantee that the information will be kept confidential. This includes a client’s mental health history; current status and inclusive records and may not be in the best interest of the client. The therapist client relationship does not render the therapist as an advocate. The therapist will withhold any opportunity to engage in a dual relationship with the client.

    All therapist’s and interns of JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd, LEAP Equine or BEAT-UK Ltd will NOT be ON-CALL at anytime. Should a case be trailed, or continued, the therapist will be paid in full for each day as well as an additional £1,000 per day as it hinders the therapist’s or intern’s ability to be available to their other clients.

    All court fees must be received by BACS 7 days prior to the court date. Should the Court calendar the hearing for another date, the therapist or intern must be re-issued a new witness summons with the new court hearing date.

    Should the therapists or interns be on vacation, the party initiating the court order must take reasonable steps to avoid imposing undue burden or expense on a person subject to the witness summons. By engaging in services offered, you understand and agree to the above stated court policy and stipulation, including but not limited to the fee structure for all related court matters.

    Ethical Confidentiality

    Information about you may be disclosed without your consent in the following circumstances:

    •  Emergencies. Sufficient information may be shared to address an immediate emergency you are facing.
    •  Judicial and Administrative Proceedings. We may disclose your personal health information in the course of a judicial or administrative proceeding in response to a valid court order or other lawful process.
    •  Public Health Activities. If we felt you were an immediate danger to yourself or others, we may disclose information about you to the authorities, as well as alert any other person who may be in danger.
    •  Child/Elder Abuse. We are duty bound by law to disclose health information about you related to the suspicion of child and/or elder abuse or neglect. If a child, adolescent, or elderly reports being abused the therapist is duty bound to report this to the local relevant government agency.
    •  Criminal Activity or Danger to Others. We may disclose information if a crime is committed on our premises or against our personnel, or if we believe there is someone who is in immediate danger.
    •  National Security, Intelligence Activities, and Protective Services. We may release information about you to authorised officials as authorised by law in order to protect national or international figures, or in cases of national security.
    •  Health Oversight Activities. We may disclose health information to a health oversight agency for activities authorised by law. These activities might include audits or inspections and are necessary for the government to monitor the health care system and assure compliance with civil rights laws. Regulatory and accrediting organisations may review your case record to ensure compliance with their requirements. The minimum necessary information will be provided in these instances.
    •  Research/Supervision. Under certain circumstances, JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd may use and disclose information for research and/or supervision. Before we do so, the project will go through a special approval process that includes a consent form for clients to sign if they are included in the research study/supervision. Even without the special approval, however, JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd may permit researchers affiliated with JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd to look at non-identifying information to help them plan research projects.
    •  Marketing. JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd may send you newsletters or information about services we provide in which we feel you might be interested. You may at any time request that your name be removed from our mailing list. We will not knowingly disclose any information to a third party for their use in telemarketing, direct mail marketing, or marketing through electronic mail.
    • Fundraising/Activities. JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd may use certain client demographic information to contact you about fundraising, ministries, workshops, training events, calendars of events, etc. JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd regularly seeks contributions from the general public to support our charitable and educational programs such as free therapy for children and families in low-income communities, a reduced-fee clinic, student scholarships, and research projects. If you do not wish to be contacted about fundraising, send a written request to JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd, Steeple View, Gibbins Lane, Warfield, Berkshire. RG42 6AP.


    If you are experiencing extreme distress or suicidal thoughts it is recommended that you contact your local emergency provider by dialling 999 or the Samaritans on their 24hr helpline (UK) 08457 909090 or (ROI) 1850 609090.

    Acceptance of Informed Consent

    By undertaking and using the services within JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd you accept, agree and understand the above agreement.