• Online Counselling

    Online counselling can be delivered through a variety of secure mediums and is fast becoming an accepted way to receive help. Nevertheless, it is not for everyone, which is why here at JK & Associates Ltd we offer both traditional face-to face therapy and online counselling. For online counselling you can choose through ’email’, ‘instant chat messenger’, or ‘VoIP/Skype’ making it accessible and flexible to your lifestyle, wherever you may live. JK & Associates Ltd also offers a special rate for those individuals who are required to have student counselling as part of their education.

    Receiving therapy or counselling via the internet has many advantages for the client. You have already made a positive step forwards in the process towards a change by recognising that you need assistance. JK & Associates Ltd can help you continue that journey whether it is to address relationship issues, addictions, trauma, past hurts, or even to contemplate a decision


    Email: [email protected]


    There are a couple of ways where you can begin your counselling with us. All start the same way.

    1. Access the online booking calendar to begin the process by selecting your preferred session time.
    2. This will then take you to a secure online form where you need to enter your details.
    3. If you are not yet sure online counselling is for you, a general enquiry form is available for you and someone from JK & Associates will respond within 48 hours of receiving your request. This is where the option differs a little.
    4. From here a New Client form will need completing that asks for information as to why you feel you need assistance, and what you would like to gain from your sessions.
    5. If you know you wish to carry on, an informed consent form is required to receive a digital signature confirming that you have read and understood the process, confidentiality issues, and any legalities. Payment is then required through the link to Stripe and you have your first session at the time you booked.