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    JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment. We respect your confidentiality and only release information about you in accordance to United Kingdom laws, or according to State and Federal Laws if based in the United States of America. Further, JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd and all employees have a legal, moral obligation and responsibility to clients and staff to protect against the unauthorised release of confidential information including: client records, employee records, clinical data, and/or organisational information regarding physical conditions, financial status, or personal data to unauthorised persons or organisations.


    Security and confidentiality is very important here at JK & Associates, which is why all communication is encrypted, firewall protection is put in place, as well as password protection and workplace protection.

    Encryption ensures that any information sent or received is kept as confidential as humanely possible. Currently, Hushmail is known to have the highest form of encryption when it comes to emails, chat messaging, and exchange of files. Firewall Protection along with anti-virus protection is recommended to all clients so as to protect your software and hardware from third parties. There are free anti-virus software available on the internet if needed. Password protection is necessary if your computer is in a shared environment such as the home or work place. Workplace protection should be considered due to your employer having the right to access your computer by law at work or via the work server. That being the case you may wish to consider using an external secure server such as Hushmail or speak with HR and request that your privacy be respected, if they are aware of you receiving counselling.


    All therapeutic practices within JK & Associates Therapy Services abide by the Code of Ethics of the National Board for Certified Counselors, The BACP for the Equine Assisted Therapy, the AAMFT for Couples and Family Therapy, and the British Psychological Society.

    Alongside this regular supervision is had by both a UK and US Supervisor.

    JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd may use and disclose your health information internally in the course of your treatment. An example of this may be to another professional for the sole purpose of referral within JK & Associates Therapy Services Ltd, or during supervision. If it is necessary to refer outside of the practice, we would require you to sign an authorisation for release of information form, as found within this website.

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