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    Rates & Insurance

    Initial Consultation (50 mins). Our policy requires all clients to have an initial consultation. This allows us to gain information on the clients issues and concerns, the goals they have for attending and to develop a treatment plan moving forward. It also allows for the client to meet with the therapist and ask any questions or concerns he, she or they may have.

    Counselling and/or Psyhotherapy (50mins). This can be online or in person.

    Outdoor Therapies (45-90mins). These range from Walk N Talk to Equine Facilitated Sessions

    Concession pricing is available but is in high demand and has a wait list.

    Cancellations: Missed sessions or cancellations of less than 48 hours notice will be charged for unless otherwise agreed in writing.

    Insurance: Insurance is currently not being taken at this moment in time. However, many client request reimbursements from their insurance company independently.

    Payment: Is required at time of booking. This can be done through the online booking system that uses Stripe.