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    Life Coaching

    When you think of life coaching, there can be many different ways to think about it. However, in this instance it is for those who are looking to identify and achieve personal goals alongside developing skills and attitudes that lead to development in all areas of business and personal life

    You maybe asking ‘What is different between life coaching and psychotherapy or counselling?’

    Psychotherapy or counselling are for those wanting help to resolve traumas, suicidal ideation or problems that relate to their past, or mentally-based conditions. Where support, advice and therapeutic processes are engaged. A place where a client can vent and discuss deep emotions and feelings or receive assessments, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

    Life coaching works with those clients who are looking to accomplish more of what they want from their life. With the use of empowering tools and techniques a Life Coach enables the client to build better, brighter futures in finding purpose in their life and a way forward.

    Therefore psychotherapy is largely for ‘problem-resolution’ whereas Life Coaching is more for ‘personal-transformation’. In the life coaching sessions offered, we teach you to manage your mind and create amazing results in your life. 

    Life Coaching can be offered around:



    Manuals we hold for others


    Self Confidence.

    Letting go – letting go of a loved one or your teen as they go off to University or College.


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