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    Life Coaching

    Want a gym membership for your mental health? 

    Feeling worried, anxious, frustrated, overall unsatisfied but don’t know why? 

    Are you showing up in your life, how you want to? If not, why not?

    We all have thoughts – many more than we realise in one day and never really knowing the impact these thoughts have on our lives. 

    When you get coached, you get to see these thoughts; even the unconscious ones. You get to notice how they are impacting you and then you get to decide what you want to do about them.

    Join the mind membership so you can see your life change in your relationships, with yourself. 

    Get more confident.

    Procrastinate less.

    Drill down to the heart of it. 

    No need to do any prep, just show up for a weekly 20 minute mind membership exploring your thoughts and the impact they have. 

    A rolling £297 per month gets you 4 thirty minute sessions a month, scheduled at a time convenient to you. You are in full control of when to book and it’s RISK FREE! After the first session, a full refund is given if you decide not to continue. 

    You maybe asking ‘What is different between life coaching and psychotherapy or counselling?’

    Psychotherapy or counselling are for those wanting help to resolve traumas, suicidal ideation or problems that relate to their past, or mentally-based conditions. Where support, advice and therapeutic processes are engaged. A place where a client can vent and discuss deep emotions and feelings or receive assessments, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

    Life coaching works with those clients who are looking to accomplish more of what they want from their life. With the use of empowering tools and techniques a Life Coach enables the client to build better, brighter futures in finding purpose in their life and a way forward.

    Ready to get started on exploring your thoughts and drilling down? Then click the link below TODAY!  

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